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THE SUN | Elen Gales


THE SUN | Elen Gales

THE SUN | Elen Gales

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THE SUN | Elen Gales

THE SUN mystic nature of this essential element without which the world as we know it may not come about. It’s a mix of smooth delicate beauty and rough battered crust of impact craters.

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The Stars | Elen Gales

PRINT on canvass 40×40 10 limited edition

SEE THROUGH made its debut at the ARTPEOPLE Gallery in downtown San Francisco, September 2012.  

 It is a celebration of beauty in the form of experiments with digital image layering techniques and elements with transparency.  The highlight of this series is the four main pieces titled ‘Sun’, ‘Moon’, ‘Stars’ and ‘Clouds’ which I collaborated with digital artist/computer scientist, Kush Amerasinghe to interpret common celestial elements using human figures and translucent subject matter (ex.jellyfish). I brought in my ability to capture human subtleties through portraiture and my documentary background in the fields of both photography and video.  This combined with the curiosity to explore emerging trends in photo manipulation technologies and creative expression with Kush who is a multidisciplinary expert at Adobe Systems Inc.

 This series depicting entities related to the sky explores the need to see through our world both literally in terms of how transparency creates delicate beauty as well as figuratively in terms of our need to understand and imagine the intricacies of who we are.


THE SUN | Elen Gales

Elen Gales
Country: United States
Region/State: California

Originally from the Philippines, Elen Gales lived in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Nepal. Exposed to different languages and lifestyles, she immersed herself in various social norms and cultures. In 2001, her work with Young Asia Television in Colombo, Sri Lanka, gave her a new opportunity to approach this cultural immersion. She helped produce television documentaries for international NGOs on issues relating to human rights, sustainable development, environmental conservation as well as cultures and lifestyles in Asia.

 It was during her residence in Kathmandu in 2006 that she discovered photography.  Poverty had been the central theme, and the bitter winter of Nepal gave it a more profound background. Photographing the local people, their situations and the environment they lived in, she attempted to combine photojournalism and fine art. Her work was published in a 4-page spread at B & W Magazine in the fall of 2009.  Elen believes that it is just as important for an image to have a compelling message as it is to be valued for its visual artistry as well.  

 She has no formal training in photography but hands-on experience. While some photographers strive for technical perfection, her primary focus is composition. She attempts to evoke emotions, to move people and introduce them to something unfamiliar, yet something they can relate to. 

 In 2007, Elen moved to California and continued experimenting with complex lighting, textures and various genres both in still and moving photography. In 2011, she had her first solo exhibit at Art Works Downtown in San Rafael. The collection, entitled “Familiar Stranger” highlighted her love for travel portraiture, focusing more specifically on monochrome photography.

 Her latest collection, “See Through”, a solo photo exhibition made a debut at Art People Gallery in downtown San Francisco.  A celebration of beauty in the form of experiments involving digital image layering techniques and transparency elements. The highlight of this series is the four main pieces titled ‘Sun’, ‘Moon’, ‘Stars’ and ‘Clouds’ on which she collaborated with digital artist, Kush Amerasinghe, to interpret common celestial elements using human figures and translucent subject matter. Elen used her background in photography and video to capture human subtleties through portraiture.

She currently lives in San Francisco and an enthusiast in bridging  the gap between fine art and technology.  

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Dimensions 40 × 40 in


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